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Re:Posit Strategies develops strategies to reposition communities for economic competiveness.  We have experience in leading market analysis, economic analysis, community development strategies, economic development strategies, and strategic plans.  We also provide these services as part of multi-disciplinary teams for master plans, redevelopment plans, and comprehensive plans. 


re:  relevant expertise

Working in a variety of places with different types of clients has taught us the value of tracking and understanding new practices while also embracing tried-and-true approaches.  Staying abreast of trends and assisting in implementing relevant programming ensures our solutions are creative while delivering desired and relevant results.  It has also deepened our understanding of the mechanics of what works and what does not in different kinds of communities and economies.


Re:Posit Strategies has developed a keen expertise related to entrepreneurial development and small business support in recent years, as this is a cornerstone of economic viability and sustainability for any-sized community in today’s economy.


re:  solution oriented

Re:Posit Strategies believes the first step to solving any problem is defining the "who" it is for, then identifying the “what,” and lastly determining “how” to best get there.  It is imperative to success that the “how” or strategy does not get out in front of the "who" and “what” or understanding of current realities; this dynamic happens in many communities.  The key is that the "who" and “what” must be accurately identified, defined, and assessed to ensure that the strategies developed are successful.  And then the “how” strategies must be explicitly grounded in the findings of the "who" and “what” to ensure the community will be able to steadily move towards its unified vision for the future.


re: our services

In our work, the Economic Analysis, Real Estate Market Analysis, and Tools Analysis achieve defining the "who" and “what,” and the Implementation Strategy delivers the “how.”



Economic Analysis

re: community’s economic role today + potential role for future

Demographic Indicators

Economic Indicators

Economic Structure

Economic Findings



Real Estate Market Analysis

re: what’s feasible now + how to position for more viable future

Market Demand Profile

Market Supply Overview

Market Assessment

Market Recommendations

Catalyst Projects



Tools Analysis

re: what’s in the local toolbox + what else should be leveraged

ED Tools Assessment

Best Practices & Trends

Funding Sources

Trends Evaluations



Strategy Development

re: strategic, relevant, actionable recommendations for implementation

Strategic Action Steps

Benchmarks & Metrics

Catalyst Projects & Feasibility

Program Development & Pilot Management

Economic Recommendations

Market Recommendations

Redevelopment Recommendations



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