how we work

Our work with all sectors -- private, public, and non-profit -- gives us a more robust understanding of issues and a realistic and implementable approach to economic and community development.  Because of our holistic method, Re:Posit Strategies can ensure plans, strategies, and recommendations that are practical, understandable, and implementable.


re:  flexible structure

As mentioned before, Re:Posit Strategies is built to be nimble, flexible, and responsive.  Exceeding our client's needs and expectations is always our priority, all the while maintaining the most streamlined and efficient team structure feasible.


re:  understanding data

Much of Re:Posit Strategies’ experience has revolved around using factual information about the economic base or local market to guide the development of comprehensive, redevelopment, and master plans.  Starting with statistical analysis that includes economic and demographic research ensures delivering a quality plan or strategy that is actually implementable.  Recommendations on programs and initiatives, as well as redevelopment efforts, have been made as part of these processes, for both public and private sector clients.


re:  beyond numbers

What makes Re:Posit Strategies approach unique is our background in both economic development and planning.  Since we have experience related to a myriad of community development processes, it allows us to is go beyond the role of an economic or market consultant that only provides numbers and data, and enables us to formulate, present, and assist in making the market and economic information not only applicable, but integrated into the ongoing community development process. 


re:  strategy building

Re:Posit Strategies’ services do not stop at making charts and number crunching.  We are able to interpret data and analyze results to build a strategy that includes the flexibility and sustainability required in today’s fast changing economic environment.  We fundamentally believe that quality economic development has to be about community development at its core.


Re:Posit Strategies' Operating Fundamentals

re:  fundamentals ingrained in how we work in and with a community

  • gain understanding of current realities & provide reality check
  • look beyond market & economics today to what is feasible
  • more than number crunching, actually interpret data to ensure right results
  • help community understand dynamics & trade-offs
  • integrate economics into planning & strategy development process
  • small businesses are foundation of economy & integral to future sustainability
  • complex decisions must be made by leaders as community matures
  • community education as cornerstone to process & long-term success
  • customize every project approach & team to respond to specific client's needs
  • deliver accurate & innovative solutions with maximum flexibility

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